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Coping with Complex Emotions and Supporting Those Who Carry the Weight of Loss and Grief elissa swihart hannah chijioke-davis loss & grief mindfulness navigating difficult emotions pregnancy loss Oct 23, 2023

It is the worst of circumstances, one that we as midwives and nurses, try our hardest to foresee and prevent. You are discharging a mama and family after walking them through a fetal loss and as you bring them out into the hallway on the way down...

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Breaking Free from the Shadows: Confronting Self-Deception and Embracing Truth elissa swihart limiting beliefs megan babcock mindfulness Oct 16, 2023

Imagine walking through a dense forest with no clear path, guided only by a map you've drawn yourself. Unbeknownst to you, the map is full of inaccuracies, misdirection, and outright fabrications. You continue to trust this map, convincing...

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Unlocking Deeper Connection: The Power of Emotional Safety in Your Relationship elissa swihart healing mindfulness personal growth self-empowerment Oct 09, 2023

We all yearn for meaningful connections, don't we? Perhaps you're in a relationship, and you find yourself craving more, aching for a deeper bond, yet unsure where to begin. Well, here's the secret: before you can embark on that journey to greater...

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Healing Whispers: How One Survivor Found Community, Courage, and a Voice elissa swihart healing intuition mindfulness Oct 02, 2023

For years I let myself believe that I was completely alone in all the thoughts, feelings, and experiences that arise in domestic violence survivorship. I told myself lies like, "I'm the only one that is this messed up" and I was way too...

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Embracing and Healing Your Inner Narrative community & support elissa swihart mindfulness Sep 04, 2023

Domestic violence leaves deep scars that often extend beyond the physical world. I call them invisible bruises. The ones we carry with us the longest, the ones that no one can see. One of the most challenging aspects of healing from these...

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Don't Let Trauma Define You: Healthy Coping Mechanisms Can Help coping skills megan babcock mental health mindfulness Apr 16, 2023

Trauma can be a challenging experience to overcome. However, with the help of healthy coping mechanisms, you can start managing stress, heal, and eventually move forward. Some healthy coping mechanisms include taking up a hobby, exercising,...

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