Breaking Free From Abuse

Elissa is a survivor, advocate, and coach dedicated to supporting individuals on their journey to reclaiming their power and breaking free from the cycle of abuse.

Hi, I'm Elissa!

I am a Domestic Abuse Advocate


Welcome to my nook of healing, empowerment, and transformation. My name is Elissa Swihart, and I stand before you as a survivor, advocate, and coach dedicated to supporting individuals on their journey to reclaiming their power and breaking free from the cycle of abuse.

Peek Into My Beginnings:


My journey into the world of coaching and advocacy began long before I stepped into the role of a coach. As a survivor of domestic abuse, I intimately understand the complexities of navigating the aftermath of trauma and rebuilding a life filled with purpose, resilience, and hope. 

A Survivor's Story:

I still remember the warmth of the spotlight as I hosted my own radio show, "Country Nights Live with Elissa." It was a dream come true—a platform to connect with listeners, share stories, and spread joy through music. However, amidst the applause and accolades, there lurked a shadow—a shadow from my past, waiting to engulf me once more.

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Here’s what’s on the table when you choose to work with me:

One-on-One Coaching Sessions

I make sure the sessions with me are personalized coaching sessions tailored to your unique needs and goals, providing guidance, support, and accountability.


Transformational Relationship Coaching

I equip you with tools and urge you to explore strategies for navigating the aftermath of abusive relationships, reclaiming your power, and building healthy, fulfilling connections.

Keynote Speaking Engagements

I empower your event with a powerful keynote address that inspires, educates, and empowers audiences to create positive change in their lives and communities.


Survivor Support Resources

I make sure you have access to a wealth of resources, including eBooks, audio guides, worksheets, and access to the Transformation Community, designed to support survivors on their healing journey.

My Story Continued..


The Dark Path:

One fateful night, an old flame resurfaced, igniting a spark that would soon engulf my life in flames. Seduced by promises of love and devotion, I found myself entangled in a web of manipulation and deceit. The honeymoon stage quickly faded, revealing the true face of abuse lurking beneath the surface.

Love, Lies, and Ultimatums:

As the relationship progressed, so too did the abuse. What began as subtle manipulation soon escalated into acts of violence and control. Yet, in the throes of fear and desperation, I clung to the illusion of love, unwilling to confront the harsh reality of my situation.

Breaking Point:

It wasn't until I found myself sitting alone in my car, my son asleep in the backseat, that I realized the magnitude of my predicament. With tears streaming down my face, I made a decision—one that would alter the course of my life forever. Gathering what little strength I had left, I fled into the night, leaving behind the shattered remnants of my former life.

The Road to Healing:

The journey to healing was long and arduous, filled with moments of despair and triumph. From couch surfing to shelter stays, I navigated the unfamiliar terrain of homelessness with a determination born of necessity. Yet, amidst the chaos and uncertainty, I discovered a reservoir of resilience within myself—a resilience that would carry me through the darkest of days.

Empowerment Through Education:

Education became my lifeline—a beacon of hope amidst the darkness. Through survivor-led initiatives and community resources, I gained the knowledge and tools I needed to reclaim my power and rebuild my life from the ground up. From trauma-informed yoga classes to nutritional education programs, I embraced every opportunity for growth and healing.

Elissa's Story

Episode 11: Rising Strong: Empowering the Warrior Within Through Community and Education


Join Megan, host of "It's Your Story to Tell," as she interviews Elissa, a domestic abuse survivor, in this inspiring episode. Elissa shares her transformative journey and her work helping other women. They discuss abusive relationships, the importance of education, and the power of community in healing. Together, they aim to destigmatize trauma and provide essential resources for survivors. Tune in to hear their empowering conversation about reclaiming strength and embracing the warrior within.


Listen Now

Building Community:


Central to my journey of healing was the support of my fellow survivors. Together, we formed a sisterhood—a bond forged in the fires of adversity and strengthened by our shared experiences. Through collaborative partnerships and advocacy work, I sought to create spaces of healing, support, and solidarity for survivors of domestic violence.

The Power of Coaching:


As a coach, I am deeply committed to guiding survivors on their journey to healing and empowerment. Through personalized coaching sessions, I empower individuals to reclaim their power, rebuild their lives, and create a future filled with hope and possibility. Together, we explore strategies for recognizing abuse, creating safety plans, and fostering resilience in the face of adversity.

Advocacy Efforts:


In addition to my coaching work, I am deeply involved in advocacy efforts aimed at raising awareness about domestic violence and supporting survivors in their journey to healing. From speaking engagements and fundraising events to collaborative partnerships with local organizations, I am committed to creating a world where every survivor feels empowered, supported, and free from fear.

My personal mission is to empower survivors of domestic violence to reclaim their power, heal from past trauma, and create lives of resilience, purpose, and joy. Together, we can break the cycle of abuse, build a supportive community of survivors, and create a future free from violence and fear.



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