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“You Have The Bravery to Create a Beautiful Fulfilling Life”

Has there ever been a defining moment in your life that you vividly remember? I can recall one movie night with my grandparents when I was seven years old.  

I was really close with my grandparents. They were people who loved me unconditionally, and I could never do any wrong. 

I was the first grandchild, and my grandpa, a great gift-giver, always brought special gifts. My grandma was the hostess with the mostest, always making sure you were comfortable by stocking up on our favorite foods.

I loved going and spending time with them.


One night, my sister and I were spending the night, and my grandpa had gotten this movie, Where the Red Fern Grows. 

In watching this movie and witnessing the relationship between these two dogs, one dying, and the other one being so broken-hearted and dying, and then they're being buried next to each other…

When the red fern rose grows between them, representing this love and the whole idea of connection, I ugly cried. It wasn’t something I did often, even at this young age.

My grandpa - this sweet and thoughtful man, and also a marine and New Yorker - gets out of his recliner. 

Imagine this booming voice as he storms from the room, looking at me and yelling, “Stop crying. It's just a movie, for heaven's sake.”

Now I’m crying even more because I hate to upset people. All I wanted was to feel comforted with a hug and reassured I could get through this.

“Safe Spaces Make Voices Heard”


My grandma sat on the couch and had me come over to sit on her lap and hug me. She was very good at comforting people. 

But what she said to me at the time, I didn't realize, planted the seed of codependency, the need for validation, people-pleasing.

She said, “Honey, papa loves you so much that he's not upset at you. He's upset at himself for getting a movie that would make you cry.” 

As my seven-year-old brain reflected on that moment, I learned:

  • Don’t upset other people by expressing emotions, even if that means stopping my own or not sharing. 
  • Do any and everything to keep the peace. 
  • Be strong like they want to see you and bury any vulnerability. 

“Unravel and Illuminate the Truth”


I don’t blame my grandma for what she said, nor do I harbor any animosity toward my grandpa for his reaction. Looking at their own emotional backgrounds with going to war and having parents that struggled with substance use - it’s so evident how trauma passes from generation to generation. 

As a result, though, I was vulnerable to sexual abuse, toxic relationships with manipulative and abusive people, and addicted to upholding an image of perfection. 

I would convince myself that I didn’t have thoughts like:

  • I feel stuck and burned out from upholding this image of perfectionism.
  • How can I express myself without hurting anyone else?
    I feel completely disconnected from reality. 
  • Doesn’t anyone care about me and how I’m feeling?
  • If I fail, what does that say about me? 

I went through life not believing I had a problem despite what I truly felt and what manifested behind closed doors.

My husband at the time was abusive, and my friend Shelly, a survivor of abuse,  could see that I was in pain.

She regularly invited me to this meeting for codependency called Celebrate Recovery.

Finally, after asking me a few times, I agreed to go to get her off of my back. 

that meeting was eye-opening...


As I cried like I did when I was seven, realizing and accepting that I was not who or where I wanted to be. Still, I was trying to save my marriage. 

We struggled with communication and control. There was a lot of dishonesty and abuse, and we separated many times.

I even went to file for divorce and spoke with an attorney, but would change my mind. 

The final straw though was an argument that spiraled out of control one day when my kids were downstairs. You think you hide things well, but they knew what was going on. 

My son was in eighth grade at the time and, in an act of defense, stepped in to protect me.

However, my then-husband turned on him, and that was humbling to see someone you love having it happen to them. And I knew from that point on I had to choose my children.

"Where vulnerability blooms, safe spaces thrive"


I’ve learned that expressing emotions is not a sign of weakness, nor does it equate to my value. Feeling worthy, unashamed, vulnerable, healthy.

"Where vulnerability blooms, safe spaces thrive"


I’ve learned that expressing emotions is not a sign of weakness, nor does it equate to my value. Feeling worthy, unashamed, vulnerable, healthy.

My Mission...


Is to help you move through your purpose as it shifts and expands. By equipping you with the tools and resources to always cycle through curiosity, community, and compassion, you’ll feel confident being the architect of your story.

You’ll be saying:

  • I feel liberated to carve my own path and confident enough to see myself through change.
  • It feels good to truly express my feelings without feeling shame. 
  • I feel grounded and present in the space I’m in. 
  • I love that I can lean on my community in tough times and know it will be okay.
  • My worth is not tied to success and failure. It’s okay for both to happen, and know I still matter. 

Healed people heal, heal people. I unknowingly passed down wounds when I wasn’t doing my work. But when I began to heal, my legacy began to change. I could finally achieve my childhood dream of being the helper I envisioned I would be. I set into motion healing in the lives of those around me.

And, to heal, you have to meet people who get it because they’ve been through it and are now willing to share their stories. The power of sharing your story and letting others be there with you is so vital because we’re social creatures. We need and seek connection.

my podcast

EP 1: My Story of Survival, Healing & Breaking The Cycle


Host Megan shares her own story and how she went from being stuck to creating and living the life she dreamed, hoping to give back to others and helping them find freedom and become all they want to be.



Healing is not just recovering what was lost; it's discovering the strength to embrace what lies ahead.

My Method



Getting to a place of self-awareness and accepting the responsibility to take action is the first step to healing. And what’s great about you being here today is that you already have some level of self-awareness that something has to change. 

As your Inner Healing Coach, I help you reach your inner child to get to the origin of your patterns and behavior. In them, you start to keep score and gain the insight to answer why you feel and think a certain way. Once you see it, you can enforce boundaries to protect your space and move forward.   

With years of hands-on experience as a nurse, I’ve been fulfilling my purpose to help and heal people for decades. I’m also certified in Transformative Nurse Coaching and  Functional Medicine. My training in mindfulness, designed thinking, and trauma-informed care has also allowed me to work with a diverse array of women and their families.  

When I’m not training, I continue my mission by attending conferences, leading church groups, reading numerous books, and listening to podcasts. 

By embarking on this journey, you can unlock your full potential, create a life aligned with your dreams, and experience joy and fulfillment. 

Learn more about our Unleashing Your Design for Life One-on-One Coaching Session.


private coaching testimonial

"She was able to bring my stress down and put my life into a healthy perspective each and every time we spoke."


During our calls together, Megan allowed me this space to be real and express my most honest version of myself. As I reflect on our sessions together, I would have to would say what really stood out was that Megan was an empathetic listener offering authentic feedback to help guide me when I was feeling overwhelmed.

She was able to bring my stress down and put my life into a healthy perspective each and every time we spoke. I loved her ability to hear me and bring into our mindfulness sessions guidance, and phrases to help me calm my soul when I most in this season of my life when I most needed it. This allowed me to have a clearer vision of my future and pivot my limiting beliefs into purposeful empowering thoughts.

With Much appreciation and Gratitude. - R.M.

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Depending on your needs, I’m the best coach for you if you’re looking for clarity or would like to reach an understanding of your general health in a holistic way. 

The next step to transform your life or health is a discussion away! 



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