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Navigating Difficult Feelings During the Holidays: A Simple Guide elissa swihart guided mindfulness hannah chijioke-davis healing holidays loss & grief Nov 27, 2023

The holiday season can be tough if you're feeling sad or dealing with grief. Hi there, I'm Coach Hannah, and I'm going to share some simple ways to navigate difficult emotions during this time of year.

I remember our first holiday season after...

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Coping with Complex Emotions and Supporting Those Who Carry the Weight of Loss and Grief elissa swihart hannah chijioke-davis loss & grief mindfulness navigating difficult emotions pregnancy loss Oct 23, 2023

It is the worst of circumstances, one that we as midwives and nurses, try our hardest to foresee and prevent. You are discharging a mama and family after walking them through a fetal loss and as you bring them out into the hallway on the way down...

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Awakening Resilience: A Journey Through Non-Traditional Grief, Healing, and Transformation grief hannah chijioke-davis healing megan babcock Sep 15, 2023

Amid life's unpredictable twists and turns, podcast guest Megan Babcock shares a story of profound transformation. Her journey begins at the crossroads of grief, healing, and the possibility of a brighter future. Little did she know that her...

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Unveiling Unity: "Loud Is Not a Language" Explores the Power of Communication effective communication elissa swihart hannah chijioke-davis megan babcock podcast episodes rhea joy Aug 18, 2023

We're Excited To Announce!!


A significant expansion that marks a pivotal moment in our dedication to empowering individuals on transformative journeys. Our esteemed coaching collective now welcomes three exceptional coaches, each...

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Rebuilding from Within: Rising Above Tragedy with Faith, Healing, and Holistic Empowerment hannah chijioke-davis healing megan babcock podcast episodes Jun 23, 2023

The path from tragedy to empowerment is rarely straightforward, and Hannah's journey exemplifies the resilience and determination required to rebuild one's life. In this episode of the It's Your Story to Tell podcast, we delve into Hannah's...

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