Unveiling Unity: "Loud Is Not a Language" Explores the Power of Communication

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We're Excited To Announce!!


A significant expansion that marks a pivotal moment in our dedication to empowering individuals on transformative journeys. Our esteemed coaching collective now welcomes three exceptional coaches, each contributing distinct skills and experiences that enhance our mission.

Guided by our visionary founder, Megan Babcock, It's Your Story to Tell Coach Collective has evolved into a haven of unmatched support, insightful guidance, and genuine empowerment. This expansion underscores our unwavering commitment to fostering personal growth and catalyzing true transformation.

Central to our mission is Megan Babcock's belief that individuals are the architects of their lives. This drives our coaching approach, deeply rooted in a growth mindset, resonating across every facet of our collective. Our journey with clients goes beyond coaching; it's a commitment to self-discovery, liberation from limiting beliefs, and profound transformation, equipping individuals to shape their narratives.


Meet Our New Coaches


Elissa: Empowering Domestic Abuse Survivors to Thrive

Elissa's journey from victim to survivor to thriver inspires domestic abuse survivors. Her lived experience yields deep empathy for their complexities. Through her compassionate coaching, Elissa nurtures an empowering space, guiding survivors towards healing, self-discovery, and rewriting captive narratives.

Learn More Elissa Here →


Hannah: Navigating Holistic Wellness and Grief for Inner Strength

Hannah empowers women to achieve holistic wellness amid life's challenges. Her guidance offers a safe space to navigate disappointments, unfulfillment, and grief. Through active listening, thoughtful guidance, and fresh perspectives, Hannah aids healing and renewed purpose.

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Rhea: Healing Relationships and Setting Boundaries for Fulfillment

Rhea guides individuals healing from narcissistic relationships, crafting healthy boundaries. Drawing from her experiences, she offers compassionate coaching, creating a haven for emotional exploration. Rhea tailors solutions, particularly for those facing relationship difficulties.

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A Holistic Approach to Empowerment

Our approach stands out for its holistic nature. While traditional methods might provide partial solutions, our collective evaluates complete individual experiences. Coaches tailor recommendations, initiating transformative healing practices, offering extraordinary support.

Versatile Coaching Offerings:


1:1 Coaching

Experience personalized exploration through private 60-minute sessions with a dedicated coach. Navigating emotions, progress, and techniques.  Learn More →


Group Coaching

Join dynamic group sessions for shared learning, growth, and insights. Led by skilled coaches, benefit from collective wisdom and diverse perspectives.  Learn More →


Workshops and Courses

Gain insights from our workshops and courses, fostering growth, skill enhancement, and transformative change.  Learn More →


Podcast and Community Engagement

Celebrate personal narratives through our podcast, sharing stories of triumph over adversity. Listen to transformative journeys on our podcast page.  Learn More →


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At It's Your Story to Tell Coach Collective, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment. Your unique story is waiting to be told, and we're here to help you tell it.  Learn More →



In today's world, we're dealing with many disagreements and a strong need for real connections. People don't always understand each other, making things even harder. The desire for honest conversations and finding common ground is becoming more critical. As things get more complicated, talking openly and listening carefully becomes paramount.






A Dinner Table Revelation

In this week's episode of the It's Your Story to Tell podcast, Brenda Cox Harkins takes us right into the heart of a memorable dinner back in 2016. Things got intense at that table, with voices clashing like a wild storm. Amid the chaos, Brenda had a big realization. She saw that all the arguing and noise weren't improving things but making them worse. She understood that being loud didn't help people understand each other. That's when she came up with the phrase "loud is not a language." It might sound simple, but it's a big idea. This phrase shows what was missing in those heated conversations – the ability to talk openly and meaningfully.



The Essence of Effective Communication

Before diving headfirst into a potentially heated or emotional conversation, it's crucial to pause and ask yourself if you're ready to "pull up a chair." This simple but powerful metaphor encourages you to consider if you're equipped with the qualities encapsulated in the CHAIR acronym: Courage, Humility, Authenticity, Integrity, and Respect.

  • Are you prepared to be courageous and vulnerable?
  • Can you approach the conversation humbly, recognizing the value of the other person's perspective?
  • Will you remain authentic in your convictions while staying open to theirs?
  • Do your motives reflect integrity, focusing on understanding rather than imposing?
  • And, above all, are you committed to showing respect and fostering trust and connection despite differing viewpoints?

This reflective pause before engaging ensures you're prepared to navigate the conversation with empathy and constructiveness, enhancing the potential for productive exchange.



Leading with Curiosity and Compassion

Delving into the stories behind people's opinions opens a window into their humanity, allowing us to empathize with even the most opposing perspectives. Labeling those with different viewpoints as "evil" or entirely alien is easy in the face of contentious subjects. However, peeling back the layers to understand their experiences and beliefs can spark a profound shift. Recognizing that our differences often stem from a unique journey, we uncover the roots of our disagreements. This process shines a light on the shared human experience that binds us all. Instead of villainizing opposing viewpoints, we find common ground in our shared struggles, aspirations, and emotions. Empathy blossoms through this lens of shared humanity, dissolving the barriers that divide us and nurturing a fertile ground for understanding and growth.




Moving from Noise to Understanding

So, here's the deal with the "LOUD" strategy – Listen, Own, Understand, Develop. Think of them like the tools you need for tackling tough talks. They teach us how to work wonders when we're okay with not having all the answers and are good at paying attention. Through stories and smart ideas, they show us how talking kindly can make a real difference. It's like knocking down walls and watching friendships grow – like a bit of magic. These steps help us push past the problems and find shared points without even seeing them coming.


These four elements are the secret ingredients for successful conversations that bridge divides and foster understanding.

Listen: This first step is all about tuning in. It means putting aside the need to jump in with your thoughts and genuinely giving the other person your full attention. It's about hearing their words, understanding their emotions, and where they're coming from. When you actively listen, you're showing them that their perspective matters, and that can open the door to a more productive conversation.


Own: Owning your feelings and biases means recognizing that you have your perspective, and that's okay. It's about being honest about how your experiences and beliefs shape how you see things. When you acknowledge your biases, you're better equipped to approach the conversation with an open mind. This step also means taking responsibility for your emotions – being aware of your feelings and how that might influence the conversation.


Understand: Seeking to understand is about putting yourself in another person's shoes. It's like taking a walk in their world and seeing things from their point of view. But it's not just about them – it's also about you. It's about understanding your perspective and why you feel like you do. When you approach the conversation with a genuine desire to comprehend both sides, you create a space where real connection can happen.


Develop: The last step is all about growth. Personal growth, sure, but also growth together. It's about looking beyond the immediate conversation and considering what can come from it. You may not change each other's minds completely, but you can develop a deeper understanding of each other. And that's a win. Plus, as you practice these steps in different conversations, you're developing your skills in communication and empathy.


"LOUD" is a recipe for turning tough conversations into opportunities for growth, connection, and understanding.




Building Bridges Through Conversations

Embrace the call to be a part of the solution; we invite you to step into conversations with an open heart and a curious mind. By confronting the issues that trigger us, we create an opportunity for exploration and healing. Engaging in dialogue becomes a powerful act of transformation as we bring our willingness to understand and our capacity for empathy to the forefront. This active participation allows us to mend the fractures that divide us and pave the way for a movement of effective communication.

We contribute to a tapestry of unity as we bridge boundaries and forge connections through compassionate discourse. In stitching together, the threads of diverse perspectives, we weave a vibrant and resilient fabric that reflects the strength of a united community.

This podcast shines as a guide in a world where truly understanding each other can feel like searching for a hidden treasure. It shows us how our conversations can be like bright lights that help us change and grow. Our words aren't just words – they can fix hurts, bring people together, and guide us toward a future where kindness and togetherness matter.

When things around us often feel like they're not going well and people disagree, this podcast tells us something important: our ability to talk and listen is a superpower. As the hosts talk about how we talk, they show us that conversations can do amazing things. They can change how we think and how we feel about each other. They show us that many good things can happen when we have conversations with heart, curiosity, and a genuine desire to understand each other. Whenever we talk like this, it's a chance to fix relationships that might be a bit broken, find common ground even when we're different, and work together to make the world a nicer place.

Grab your copy of "Loud Is Not A Language: Blueprints for Building Healthy and Effective Communication" here



The C5 Workshop:

C5 stands for Confident, Compassionate, Constructive Conflict Capabilities

You’ll learn how to:

  • Acquire the skills to handle conflict so that you create relationships built on trust and respect
  • Gain confidence so that you enter hard conversations without fear or fury
  • Respond with empathy and understanding so that you create compassionate responses even during times of disagreement

If you’re ready to learn how to utilize conflict as a tool for growing healthy relationships and strengthening your skills at the same time, we’d love for you to…

Join us for this limited-edition workshop on Thursday, August 24th, 2023 from 10 AM – 12 PM Central Time and boost your communication skills for better relationships, communication, and influence!

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Transforming your life is a marathon, not a sprint, so having somebody to coach you through every step can make all the difference to your progress. The Communication course, part of the Essential Skills Collection, seeks to do exactly that.

If you struggle to express yourself, fear conflict, hesitate to be honest, and recognize that this is destroying all your meaningful relationships then this is the course for you. It tackles the fundamentals of communication, examines barriers to effective communication, and promotes the cultivation of healthy, mutually beneficial relationships.

There are many reasons why you might struggle to communicate, from shyness to fear of conflict to a desire to people-please. My course puts you in complete control and encourages you to evaluate your own personal relationships and build up to having those much-needed difficult conversations.

If you can articulate your thoughts and advocate for yourself without erupting in anger or shying away from the harder stuff in relationships, you will be able to put what you learn into action and change your life for the better.

Your relationships are yours to fight for, but you can only do that if you can communicate effectively. It's never the wrong time to grow your mindset and change your life, so open the floodgates and let me guide you on a journey toward total transformation. Click to learn more →



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"Recognizing our interconnectedness, our shared goodness holds an immense impact"



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