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The Silent Threat: Unmasking the Dangers of Stalking and Narcissistic Hoovering abuse abusive relationship domestic abuse elissa swihart narcissistic hoovering stalking Jun 04, 2024

As a survivor of domestic abuse, I have encountered many forms of violence and manipulation. Yet, among these, stalking stands out as one of the most insidious and terrifying experiences any victim and survivor can endure. It's a crime that often...

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Supporting a Loved One Through the Cycle of Abuse: A Support Person's Perspective abuse community & support cycle of abuse elissa swihart Apr 29, 2024

As a support person to someone experiencing domestic violence, the journey can be incredibly challenging and emotionally taxing. Witnessing a loved one go through the cycle of abuse can evoke a range of emotions and experiences, impacting not only...

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ARISE: Breaking Free from the Chains of Abuse Through Self-Compassion abuse elissa swihart self-compassion Mar 04, 2024

When I left abuse, I felt like a feral animal – terrified of the world, trapped in a corner, with full-body shakes as a constant companion. Life seemed like an insurmountable challenge, and I struggled to find my footing in a seemingly...

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