Episode 4: Breaking Chains, Finding Purpose - A Story of Healing and Empowerment

healing megan babcock podcast episodes trauma transformation May 19, 2023

In the podcast's fourth episode, "It's Your Story to Tell," host Megan Babcock engages in a heartfelt conversation with special guest Brandi. Brandi shares her story of growth, resilience, and finding her true self after challenging experiences.





Brandi opens up about her upbringing as a devout Christian and her early commitment to following the expectations placed upon her. She discusses her decision to marry at a young age, have children, and adopt a child from Liberia. However, she also reveals that she eventually found herself in an unhealthy relationship that led her to make a life-altering choice.

Leaving her husband at 29 was a turning point for Brandi. Although her decision shocked those around her, she knew deep down that it was necessary for her well-being and personal growth. She describes the intense emotional turmoil she experienced during this time, including feelings of abandonment and the loss of her support system.

To cope with her pain and trauma, Brandi immersed herself in therapy and sought solace in reading her Bible. She shares how she read the Bible three times over a year, finding guidance, healing, and strength in her faith. Brandi's journey was not without challenges; she experienced loneliness, physical ailments, and the emotional burden of raising her children as a single mother.

Despite these difficulties, Brandi discovered her purpose in helping others trapped in unhealthy situations. She realized she could inspire those who felt stuck and powerless by choosing to heal and break free from her own chains. Brandi's empathy and determination supported and guided other women through their healing journeys.

Throughout the podcast episode, Megan and Brandi discuss the importance of finding purpose in the midst of pain and adversity. They emphasize the power of self-compassion, self-reflection, and embracing one's emotions as essential steps toward personal growth and healing. Brandi's story serves as a testament to the transformation that can occur when one chooses to confront their struggles head-on and emerge stronger on the other side.

Brandi expresses fear and hesitancy towards engaging with a community due to past negative experiences. However, she encounters a woman who inspires her to support single mothers in Uganda through the establishment of women's cooperatives. Though not wanting to start a nonprofit, she decides to contribute all her money in her bank account to help purchase cows for these single mothers. After successfully sending enough money for seven cows, she is asked to help with more funds for additional cows. Despite having no money left, she takes to Facebook and receives unexpected support from individuals willing to purchase cows. This response brings healing and affirmation to her life and the women in Uganda. Encouraged by the positive outcome, Brandi continues to gather support and starts a nonprofit called Heal and Thrive Global, which aims to uplift and empower women in Uganda.

Brandi concludes by expressing gratitude for her challenges, as they shaped her into a version of herself that she now embraces and loves. Her story demonstrates that rebuilding and creating something beautiful from the fragments is possible despite being broken. By doing the necessary inner work, Brandi has discovered a renewed sense of purpose and a desire to help others navigate their journeys of healing and transformation.

In sharing their stories and insights, Megan and Brandi hope to inspire listeners to find their own healing paths and personal growth. They encourage individuals to embrace vulnerability, seek support, and remember that their stories can bring hope and healing to others.


As we heal from our own trauma stories - we also get to be a part of watching amazing mamas in Uganda heal from their trauma stories in relationships too!!!! Megan has committed to raising funds to support a literacy center in Uganda through advocacy within the transformation community.

Each literacy center serves 60-180 women!!! At these centers, coaches will meet with mamas to teach reading (at their level and in their language of Ateso), writing, basic math, hygiene, sanitation, business, agriculture, and more!!! The mamas also meet in smaller groups of 30 to do individual and group savings, share their stories, and live together. At every turn, we give mamas opportunities for safe communities of care and empowerment. We are letting them know they are seen, loved, and worth loving. And then they are turning around and changing their lives, communities, and the world!!!

We are providing the first $5,000 to kickstart this literacy center and are asking our amazing podcast community to help empower these women through ANY gift - whether one-time or recurring! To be fully funded, they'll need $2500 over the next year to keep learning, growing, and being empowered!

Thank YOU for joining us. Everyone who gives will also receive regular updates sent directly to your email about what they're learning!

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xoxo, Megan & the team


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