From Struggle to Fulfilling Life: The Impact of Self-Worth and Value on Your Life

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Self-worth and value are essential components for transforming your life. As licensed clinical psychologist Sabrina Romanoff emphasizes, "it's important to have self-worth because it impacts everything you do, from your relationships to how you work, how you feel about yourself, and how others view you".

Self-worth refers to recognizing and accepting one's inherent worthiness and deservingness as a human being, regardless of external factors, such as accomplishments, appearance, or social status. On the other hand, value relates to the importance and significance we attribute to ourselves and our actions. Both of these qualities go hand in hand and inform each other, so if you have a low sense of self-worth, you will struggle to see your own value.



We may experience feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, and low self-esteem when we lack self-worth and value. These feelings can lead to negative behaviors, such as people-pleasing, self-sabotage, and lacking confidence in our abilities. Furthermore, our relationships, work and overall sense of self can be negatively impacted.

There is power in loving yourself, a form of personal power that will help you to move on from past struggles and heal. The world around you will see you as you choose to present yourself, so if you don't see your own value you will have no motivation to take care of yourself because you will lack the positive feelings associated with self-worth.

I have done plenty of research into what causes feelings of low self-worth and value and work to bring people together and coach them into sharing their stories to inspire others. Everyone deserves to feel that they are inherently worthy of good things and that they have value in the world, but unfortunately, many people struggle. It's important to remember that almost everyone you meet will have experienced similar struggles with their own self-worth, so you aren't alone in what you're going through.




How Can Self-worth and Value Create or Destroy Your Life?


Living with positive self-worth and value can lead to a more fulfilling and purposeful life. It allows us to approach challenges with resilience, make meaningful connections with others, set healthy boundaries, make better decisions, and pursue our goals with purpose and determination. By recognizing and cultivating our inherent worthiness and importance, we can transform our lives and positively impact the world.

Unfortunately, a lot of people struggle to develop these feelings of positive self-worth and value. In fact, research has shown that an approximated 85% of the global population suffers mentally and emotionally due to low self-esteem. Expectations to look a certain way, act a certain way, or have accrued any number of specific achievements all impact how we value ourselves.

Not valuing yourself absolutely can destroy your life. If you can't see the worth in yourself, you will struggle to form and maintain relationships, uphold certain standards in your life and develop beyond your own struggles. Developing a new sense of self-worth is a form of transformation and will allow you to create a whole new life for yourself, one where you are valued primarily and able to thrive in a world that will constantly test your self-love and self-esteem.




What Are the Benefits of Improving Feelings of Self-worth and Value?


The American Psychological Association maintains that high self-esteem is crucial when it comes to achieving positive mental health, and this is just one of the main benefits. Determining your own value depends on your self-worth and how you see yourself. If you don't believe you have any value, you will struggle to care for yourself, engage with others and do anything to improve your situation.

Here are some of the main benefits of improving your self-worth and value:

It Will Give You Confidence

Confidence is key to how you interact with the world around you. You can instantly tell how confident a person is based on their posture if they make eye contact, the expression on their face, and how they speak in public. Some people are naturally shy and introverted, so it's not necessary to change your entire personality, but a little self-confidence can go a long way in developing your self-esteem and how others view you.

It Develops Your Coping Skills

Coping with adversity is difficult, but if you've got a strong sense of self-worth, you'll find it just that little bit easier. Knowing your own value will tell you how you should handle challenges. If you feel mistreated, don't let it happen! Remember what you are worth and take action through good coping strategies to change your situation. If you feel worthless internally, you won't be motivated to fight for yourself externally, which will negatively impact your life.

It Encourages Healthy Relationships

From romance to friendship to work, every relationship in your life is important. Healthy relationships are built on your abilities to trust, respect, listen to, communicate with, and understand other people, and have them do the same for you. Having a good sense of self-worth will remind you of your own value and allow you to have open relationships with people who enrich your life.



It Motivates You to Make Positive Changes

Making positive changes, however small, in your life, helps to develop who you are and how you function. It's easy to get stuck in a rut and get used to how things are, but what if you could change them for the better? The first step is to change how you think about yourself. If you think you deserve better, you will strive for better, aided by a strong sense of self-esteem that reminds you to value your mental health in everything you do.

It Will Improve Your Mental Health

The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance has found that "approximately 17.3 million American adults" are impacted by major depressive disorder. Some of the main symptoms of depression are low mood, low self-esteem, and feelings of hopelessness, all of which often stem from feeling like you aren't good enough or that you have no value in the world. Depression makes it hard to see things positively, but asking for help is the first step. After that, you can start working on these negative thoughts to improve your sense of self-worth, which will help to improve your mental health.

It Inspires You to Help Others

Learning about other people's emotional journeys toward self-betterment is inspiring, and sharing your own stories is also incredibly cathartic. Developing social connections encourages us to be more open about our struggles and ask for help and support when we need it. In turn, helping other people is proven to release endorphins in the brain, which boosts happiness. Helping other people is an achievement, so don't be shy about sharing your struggles with low self-worth and how you overcame them.




How Can You Develop Your Sense of Self-worth?


Developing self-worth and value is crucial for personal growth and transformation. Here are some tips to help cultivate these qualities:

Practice Self-compassion

It's important to treat yourself with kindness and understanding and avoid self-criticism and judgment. Be patient with yourself and acknowledge that the journey towards healing from your insecurities is a marathon, not a sprint. You will get there in time, but it's essential that you treat yourself well along the way because how you view yourself directly correlates with how much you believe you're worth.

Recognize Your Strengths and Accomplishments

Take plenty of time to acknowledge your achievements and focus on your positive qualities. Remember, no achievement is too small or insignificant! Some days, you might struggle to get anything done, so even everyday tasks like taking a shower, cleaning the kitchen, or making your bed are achievements. And listing your positive qualities will remind you of what you like about yourself and all the strengths that contribute to your value.

Set Healthy Boundaries

Learn to say no and prioritize your needs and well-being. To understand what a sense of true self-worth means to you, you need to fully understand yourself first. Setting healthy boundaries with other people will allow you to work on yourself without feeling like you need to meet their expectations. Don't isolate yourself, but take some time alone to relax and recharge and think about what is best for you.



Engage in Activities That Bring You Joy and Fulfillment

A personal sense of self-worth stems from personal happiness and feeling fulfilled by life, so you should pursue your passions and hobbies, focusing on activities that align with your values. Do you like sports? Are you a reader? What helps you relax? Engaging in activities that you genuinely enjoy is another way of getting to know yourself again and weighing up all the things that you value in life.

Turn Your Thoughts Into Actions

Achieving a positive mindset where you recognize how worthy and valuable you are is the hardest and most important part of the journey. Once you've reached this point, it's important to turn your positive thoughts into actions. One way to do this is to set goals for yourself to reach. For example, you might want to take up a new hobby that your low self-esteem previously prevented you from trying. Thinking more positively about yourself will encourage you to meet this goal and you'll feel a greater sense of achievement.

Surround Yourself With Positive and Supportive People

Finally, seek out individuals who encourage and inspire you. Though your journey towards renewed self-worth and value is personal, you shouldn't go through it alone. Distance yourself from those who bring you down because negativity will only threaten your healed sense of self. You'll find more things to love about yourself when surrounded by people who also love you, and their support will show you exactly what you need to value in your life.




How Can We Value Ourselves Moving Forward?


The state of the future depends on the actions we take in the present. The future of mental health is something that cannot be 100% predicted, but we can each take charge of our individual journeys toward improved self-worth and value. Though your struggles may threaten to destroy your life, you can, instead, use them to create a new life, one where you never question your own worth again.

Every positive change that you make is an act of transformation. It's important to keep working on yourself and prioritize your needs to inform the rest of the world of how you deserve to be treated. Knowing your own self-worth is empowering and ensures that your future won't be dictated by a difficult present.

Nobody should believe that they are worthless or be treated as though they have no value. As the name emphasizes, your sense of self-worth is entirely dependent on you, so nobody else can kickstart that emotional journey for you. Whether that be by thinking things through yourself or reaching out for professional help, every journey has its starting point, and the goal is always the same: to encourage you to see the value in yourself.



It's important to note that developing self-worth and value is an ongoing process that requires consistent effort and self-reflection. It may also involve seeking support from a coach, therapist, or counselor to help work through any underlying issues or negative thought patterns hindering progress.

However, the benefits of living with self-worth and value are immeasurable. When we have a strong sense of self-worth, we are better equipped to navigate the ups and downs of life, including our relationships, work, and sense of self. You may not realize it, but how you view and value yourself will determine how you allow others to treat you and how you face life every day.

By recognizing our inherent worthiness and deservingness, we can build a strong sense of self and use it to impact the world positively. With the right mindset, you'll be ready to conquer anything that comes your way.


xoxo, Megan


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