Unlocking Intuition: Your Guide to Avoiding Life's Pitfalls and Living a Purposeful Life

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In a world bustling with religious dogmas and complex doctrines, it's easy to lose sight of the essence of Christianity - a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus. Sterling Harris, a guiding light in this realm, shares his profound journey of discovering the power of hearing God's voice and reveals this relationship's transformative beauty.

Within the dynamic interplay of our relationship with Jesus, an often-overlooked instrument exists our intuition. It's that soft, unassuming voice, the "gut feeling," that can play a significant role in guiding us on this extraordinary journey. With his rich experience, Sterling Harris brings to light the profound wisdom of listening to this internal compass in the context of our relationship with Jesus.





Sterling's story unveils a truth that should resonate with every seeking heart - God's voice is not limited to a select few; it is available to all who earnestly seek it. This realization challenges the misconception that only spiritual elites can access this divine communication. A heartfelt relationship with Jesus is the birthright of every believer, a relationship that transcends religious rituals and propels us into a vibrant daily communion with our Creator.

Our intuition, a divine gift, serves as a beacon of discernment. It's that quiet nudge questioning our decisions or urging us to pay attention, a delicate whisper from the Holy Spirit. As we embark on this walk with Jesus, Sterling shares how crucial it is to tune in to this voice. By doing so, we enhance our understanding of God's will and amplify our connection with Him.

How God communicates with us is as diverse as they are profound. Inter-visuals, kinetic feelings of peace, and inner auditories are all part of the tapestry of divine communication. The Holy Spirit's gentle whispers guide us, aligning our thoughts and actions with God's purpose. Tuning into this voice is crucial; silencing it hinders our growth and deprives us of the profound love God constantly extends.

While church involvement is valuable, Sterling reminds us that it constitutes just a fraction of our relationship with Jesus. Imagine trying to stay in shape by working out for a mere hour each week while neglecting proper care the rest of the time - it simply doesn't work. Similarly, daily one-on-one interaction with Jesus forms the foundation of our spiritual fitness, leading to a robust, healthy, and deeply fulfilling life.

Sterling's journey reminds us that, just as Jesus resisted religious systems and embraced a deep relationship with the Father, we, too, must heed our intuitive senses. This intuitive connection brings authenticity to our relationship with Jesus, aligning us with His teachings and ways. It's the antidote to a faith reduced to mere rituals.



Trusting your intuition aligns perfectly with the teachings of Jesus. His parables, those timeless stories that unveil spiritual truths through earthly analogies, often resonated with people at an intuitive level. These stories engaged their hearts and minds, vividly illustrating divine principles. By tapping into the intuitive aspect of our being, we can decode these spiritual truths, enriching our understanding of God's word.

In the modern age, where information floods our senses, learning to discern the voice of the Holy Spirit amidst the noise is paramount. Our intuition becomes a filter, allowing us to recognize and respond to God's guidance. It might not always make logical sense, but giving God space to speak through our intuition can lead to blessings and success beyond our wildest expectations.

Sterling's teachings empower us to stand against negative, fear-based thinking. We reclaim our mental landscape by taking our thoughts captive and aligning them with the truths from God's Word. It's a process that resonates with our intuition, the part of us that knows the fruit of the Spirit and recognizes God's voice when it speaks.

However, embracing this intuitive connection can be challenging. Past experiences, fears, and unresolved issues can cloud our intuition. Sterling's journey sheds light on the importance of addressing these internal barriers. Allowing Jesus' love and truth to heal our filters and wounds opens the door for a clearer, more vibrant relationship with our intuition and our Savior.

Ultimately, as Sterling and his teachings illustrate, a relationship with Jesus is not just a religious duty but a personal, daily communion. Trusting our intuition, that inner knowing that aligns with God's wisdom, becomes integral to this journey. It's the bridge between the seen and the unseen, the voice that resonates within us, guiding us toward a deeper connection with our Creator.



Moreover, hearing God's voice, much like any skill, requires training and repetition. It's akin to learning to play a musical instrument or mastering a sport. This patient commitment enables us to live freely, unshackled from negative thoughts and fears. It also lays the foundation for a life centered on forgiveness, a cornerstone of our relationship with God.

This intimate connection with Jesus is a powerful tool for transformation. It sheds light on our inner struggles, exposing past wounds and misconceptions that may have hindered our growth. Embracing this love relationship allows the Holy Spirit to heal, making us more authentic, compassionate, and equipped to navigate life's challenges.

The importance of this message is immeasurable, especially in a world filled with brokenness. Rooted in Jesus, we can bring healing and compassion to those around us. We recognize that our role is not to change others but to pray for them, releasing our faith and understanding the trauma that may drive their actions. Just as Jesus embraced those society deemed as outcasts, we too can make a difference by seeing through the lens of empathy.

Sterling Harris offers a lifeline in a society starved of practical strategies to manage our minds, wills, and emotions. His teachings, driven by a genuine desire to connect people with Jesus, provide practical guidance for daily living. The transformation he advocates starts with our beliefs and hearts, aligning our actions with a relationship-centered life.

This message of hope transcends the boundaries of religion, politics, and societal norms. It's a call to embrace the love of Jesus, a love that knows no bounds. It's a reminder that Jesus meets us where we are, even in our darkest moments, and in this embrace, we find the courage to live out our unique stories, positively impacting the world around us.

As we navigate the complexities of life, let us embrace this gift of intuition. Let it be the subtle guide, the gentle whisper, the "gut feeling" that enhances our relationship with Jesus. Through this deepening connection, we can transform our lives and, collectively, impact the world, shifting from a world filled with noise and confusion to one grounded in the peace and wisdom of our Savior.


xoxo, Megan & the team


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