Episode 5: From Faith to Miracles: An Inspiring Journey of Love, Loss, Redemption, and Foster Care

megan babcock parental guidance podcast episodes May 26, 2023

Our experiences, both joyful and challenging, shape us into the individuals we are meant to be. Lindsay and Zach's story is a testament to the transformative power of love, resilience, and unwavering faith.

Their journey began with a near-death experience during childbirth, a moment that could have shattered their spirits. But instead, it ignited a fire within them to embrace life's challenges with unwavering strength and determination. Through the darkest of times, they held onto their faith, trusting in a greater plan and finding solace in their love for each other.





As they embarked on the path of foster care, they discovered a new purpose—one that extended beyond their own family. Opening their hearts and home to 13 children, Lindsay and Zach exemplified the true meaning of compassion and selflessness. They witnessed the hand of God at work in their lives, guiding them through the unpredictable journey of foster care.

Their commitment to fostering wasn't without its trials. Lindsay, a self-professed control enthusiast, had to learn to let go and trust in God's plan. The unexpected phone calls, the challenges of blending a diverse group of children, and the emotional rollercoaster of it all tested their resilience as individuals and as a couple.

But they faced these trials head-on, knowing that growth often emerges from difficult circumstances. Through their unwavering love and support, Lindsay and Zach became beacons of hope for the children they welcomed into their homes. They provided a safe haven, nurturing not only their physical needs but also their emotional well-being.

Their journey has not been without scars, but Lindsay understands that these scars are reminders of the strength and resilience she possesses. She embraces her imperfections and models vulnerability for her children, teaching them that it's okay to feel sadness and disappointment. Through this, she instills in them the invaluable lesson of resilience and the capacity to grow.

Lindsay's experiences have also allowed her to help others who have endured trauma, particularly the children she has cared for. She has become a source of strength and understanding, providing love and support in their healing process. Her journey has extended beyond her own family, creating a ripple effect of compassion and care within her community.

While Lindsay acknowledges that not everyone is called to foster, she firmly believes that we are all called to care for the vulnerable. Each of us has the power to extend compassion and support in our own unique ways. By embracing this responsibility, we create a world where love and empathy thrive, and where the most vulnerable among us find solace and healing.

As Lindsay's journey continues, she remains committed to growth and trust in God's plan. She knows that healing is a lifelong process, and though complete healing may not be achieved in this earthly life, she strives for growth and resilience. Lindsay's story serves as an inspiration to us all, reminding us that even in the face of adversity, love has the power to conquer all.

So let us embrace Lindsay's story and the lessons it imparts. Let us remember that our own journeys, though unique, can be filled with hope and transformation. And let us stand together, supporting one another in our pursuit of healing, resilience, and unwavering faith.


xoxo, Megan & the team


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