Episode 1: My Story of Survival, Healing & Breaking The Cycle

megan babcock podcast episodes trauma transformation Apr 28, 2023


This week's podcast episode aims to inspire and bring hope to people who have experienced hard, traumatic things that are holding them back and preventing them from living the life they truly desire. Host Megan shares her own story and how she went from being stuck to creating and living the life she dreamed, hoping to give back to others and helping them find freedom and become all they want to be.





Megan opens up about her upbringing, where faith was always central to her life. She and her family were very involved in church, and she had a personal relationship with Jesus from a young age but struggled with the rules and lack of love she felt within the church. Megan's story includes trauma from sexual abuse, which led her to confront her beliefs and narratives dictating her life without realizing it.

One of the keys to Megan's healing was being vulnerable and sharing her story with a group of women who didn't judge her and showed her compassion. Megan emphasizes the importance of community and how trauma happens in relationships, so healing also has to happen there.

Another key to Megan's healing was developing self-awareness and admitting where she was at. She realized that she was trying to force her will on her husband and others, which was a form of abuse. This realization brought her clarity and freedom as she shifted her focus to herself and let others have free will.

Megan's coaching approach includes three keys: curiosity, community, and compassion for yourself and others. She hopes to inspire others to find freedom and live their desired lives by confronting their beliefs and narratives, being vulnerable and seeking community, and developing self-awareness and compassion.

Megan's story is a powerful reminder that it's never too late to change and create the life you want.

We hope to inspire you as well!


xoxo, Megan & the team


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