Episode 17: Rewriting Your Inner Narrative, Connecting with Your True Identity, and Building Purpose

Have you ever felt like a constant inner critic is holding you back from living your best life? Or you've struggled with self-doubt and negative thoughts that seem impossible to shake. In this engaging and heartfelt podcast conversation, Elissa and Megan open about their personal journeys of healing from the destructive grasp of negative internal narratives. Their stories serve as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of self-awareness and self-care.


Discover how Megan and Elissa's inspiring journey of embracing and healing their inner narratives can empower your own transformation. Plus, explore more stories of healing and hope in "It's Your Voice Unveiled." Subscribe now for a path to self-discovery and resilience!

Understanding the Negative Internal Narrative

Elissa starts the conversation by introducing the concept of the negative internal narrative, that relentless voice in our heads that can wreak havoc on our lives if left unchecked. She candidly shares her battle with this inner critic and how it significantly affected her social anxiety, preventing her from embracing new experiences. Her partner suggested giving this inner voice a name, leading to the birth of "Carlita."

Megan joins the conversation, revealing her lifelong struggles with a negative internal narrative that began in her childhood. She believed her emotions were too much and could hurt people, which led her to suppress her feelings. This constant self-criticism and overthinking hindered her ability to connect with others, perpetuating a cycle of codependency and people-pleasing behavior.

The Turning Point and Steps to Healing

Megan reflects on the pivotal moment that forced her to confront her negative internal narrative. When her son became a target of abuse, she realized the urgency of prioritizing her family's well-being and her own. Her shame and guilt compelled her to act, even if it meant facing the complex process of reporting the abuse and seeking professional help.

Boundaries in domestic abuse situations are a crucial topic in their discussion. Elissa and Megan acknowledge that setting boundaries can initially worsen the situation, but they emphasize the necessity of a strong support system and a safety plan in place. Changing the internal narrative and setting boundaries can be shocking to oneself and those around them.


The Healing Journey

Elissa emphasizes the need to recognize and address the negative internal narrative, which often masquerades as the voices of others. She underscores the profound impact of childhood traumas and a lack of emotional support in shaping this inner critic.  

Megan delves into the damaging effects of trauma and the importance of distinguishing this narrative from one's true identity to heal. She credits her transformation to her curiosity, which drove her to self-trust and empowerment. Elissa and Megan underscore that they are not experts but guides on the path to healing.

Keys to Healing: Tuning into Intuition, Self-Love, and Reparenting

They stress the importance of tuning into one's intuition and the value of self-love and self-compassion in combating negative internal narratives. Reparenting oneself and finding a supportive community are vital components of the healing process.

Elissa and Megan advocate for practicing mindfulness, non-judgment, and affirmations to rewire the brain and replace negativity with positivity. They emphasize the need for consistency and discipline in this journey.

Transformation and Fulfillment

The speakers recount their transformations, shifting from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, and their profound impact on their fulfillment and relationships. They stress the importance of self-awareness and acknowledging one's needs.

Practical steps for addressing negative self-talk, such as taking thoughts captive, speaking the truth, and finding proof of worthiness, are shared. The journey towards healing allows for accepting and appreciating past experiences, even the painful ones, leading to the manifestation of dreams and desires.

Resources for Healing and Growth

Elissa and Megan discuss the resources on their website and social media platforms, offering free downloads, blogs, and mindfulness sessions. They invite listeners to subscribe to their newsletter and join their transformation community, which features special events and live sessions.

Their courses and workshops on growth mindset, empowerment, and effective communication provide accessible tools for personal growth. They emphasize the importance of self-care, including spending time alone and connecting with nature.


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Stories of Resilience

In closing, the speakers highlight the power of storytelling and invite listeners to share their own stories in their newest series, It's Your Story Unveiled. 

Check out episode 1, released this past Tuesday, and you will see how powerful sharing stories of healing and hope can be. We hope the information shared will positively impact people's lives and the world, reminding us that healing and transformation are possible, no matter how deep the wounds are.


You are not alone, and there is hope for a brighter future. So, join Elissa and Megan on their journey of healing and transformation – you won't want to miss it!

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