EP 58: How to Identify a Toxic Relationship, Before It's TOO Late // Coach Elissa

As a survivor of domestic abuse, I have encountered many forms of violence and manipulation. Yet, among these, stalking stands out as one of the most insidious and terrifying experiences any victim and survivor can endure. It's a crime that often goes unnoticed, leaving its victims in a perpetual state of fear and anxiety. Today, I write to shed light on the dangers of stalking and the equally disturbing tactic known as narcissistic hovering, drawing from my podcast guest Lauren’s harrowing experiences to emphasize the urgent need for awareness and action.


Lauren’s ordeal began with what seemed like harmless messages and coincidental meetings. However, it quickly morphed into a nightmare where every step she took was monitored, and every interaction scrutinized.


More about Coach Elissa:

I am a Domestic Abuse Advocate. Welcome to my nook of healing, empowerment, and transformation. My name is Elissa Swihart, and I stand before you as a survivor, advocate, and coach dedicated to supporting individuals on their journey to reclaiming their power and breaking free from the cycle of abuse.

Peek Into My Beginnings: My journey into the world of coaching and advocacy began long before I stepped into the role of a coach. As a survivor of domestic abuse, I intimately understand the complexities of navigating the aftermath of trauma and rebuilding a life filled with purpose, resilience, and hope.

A Survivor's Story: I still remember the warmth of the spotlight as I hosted my own radio show, "Country Nights Live with Elissa." It was a dream come true—a platform to connect with listeners, share stories, and spread joy through music. However, amidst the applause and accolades, there lurked a shadow—a shadow from my past, waiting to engulf me once more.


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