Episode 49 - Power of Understanding Your Thoughts - Part 1 with Teresa Walding, BSN, RN, NC-BC

Join host Megan Babcock as she delves into the fascinating realm of human psychology with special guest Teresa Walding. In this enlightening show, Megan and Teresa uncover the intricacies of how thoughts work and their profound impact on our lives. In this episode, Megan sits down with Teresa Walding to explore the depths of human psychology and the transformative power of understanding our thoughts. Teresa shares her personal journey and the insights she gained into the workings of the human mind.

Together, they discuss the importance of recognizing and challenging our thoughts to unlock boundless potential and enhance well-being. Teresa also sheds light on her mission to empower nurses and healthcare professionals to apply these principles in their practice, ultimately fostering healing and growth. 


More about Teresa Walding BSN, RN, NC-BC, earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Boise State University in 1993. She has worked in a variety of clinical areas – including ICU, rehabilitation, psychiatric, pediatrics, and Post Anesthesia Recovery. As a speaker and teacher, she has taught the Principles of Resilience at national conferences, meetings, webinars, and retreats.

Teresa is a Board-Certified Nurse Coach and Associate Director of the Advancing Nurse Coaching Program, which focuses on bringing the Principles of Resilience to nurses and health care professionals through their 80-hour virtual, self-paced course. She is a Co-Leader of the Austin Area Chapter of the American Holistic Nursing Association (AHNA). She is a contributor to the Beginnings magazine of the AHNA. She has appeared on podcasts, radio shows, and webinars as a content expert on the Principles of Resilience.

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