Episode 35 - Understanding Trauma and the Nervous System with Tiffany Homan | Part 2

Last week, Tiffany opened up about her journey, shedding light on experiences that shaped her path. Today, we delve into the intricacies of the nervous system and its response to trauma. Tiffany's insights are eye-opening and empowering.

- Preview of today's discussion on the nervous system and trauma response. Tiffany Explores the Nervous System

- Tiffany shares her passion for understanding the nervous system's role in healing.

- Explaining trauma beyond conventional perceptions, highlighting the nervous system's impact.

- Neuroception and its constant assessment of safety, danger, or environmental threats.

- Personal anecdotes illustrating how past experiences influence present reactions.

- Recognizing the subconscious role of the nervous system in triggering responses. Embodied Healing

- Connecting past experiences to present reactions through the body's signals.

- Understanding how our body speaks a different language, guiding us through sensations.

- Challenges of verbal processing in trauma therapy and the need for somatic approaches.

- Megan and Tiffany's experiences with shifting from verbal therapy to body-centered healing. Empowerment through Curiosity and Safety

- Building safety within oneself to engage in exploratory healing processes.

- The importance of curiosity, self-awareness, and questioning for true understanding.

- Insights into Maslow's hierarchy and the significance of safety for conscious thinking.

- Acknowledging past experiences with compassion and evolving perspectives. Preview of Next Episode and Closing

- Teaser for the next episode: Tiffany guiding Megan through a somatic exercise.

- Encouragement to explore the It's Your Story to Tell mindfulness resources on our YouTube Channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTCPkTgKJ-aA-scEU3qetZQ Join us next week for a deeper dive into somatic exercises with Tiffany.

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