EP 64: Surrendering to God's Plan and Purpose // Part 2 with Riley Powell

In this episode, host Megan Babcock interviews guest Riley Powell about her journey of changing the narrative of her life and finding her identity in God's love. Riley shares how she surrendered to God and learned to hear His voice, leading her to uncover false narratives and replace them with truth. The conversation emphasizes the importance of making space in our lives, letting go of perfectionism and exhaustion, and living in confidence and assurance of God's love. Riley's book, 'Let's Undo This: Rewrite Your Story to Live Your Life Fully Awake,' offers practical guidance for finding fulfillment and purpose in our relationship with God.

Surrendering to God and changing the narrative of our lives can lead to a deeper understanding of God's love for us.

Making space in our lives and letting go of perfectionism and exhaustion can help us live in confidence and assurance of God's love.

Learning to hear God's voice and replacing false narratives with truth can bring fulfillment and purpose to our lives.

Our identity is rooted in our relationship with God, not in our accomplishments or titles.

Being vulnerable and sharing our stories can inspire and encourage others to seek a deeper relationship with God.