EP 60: How to Trust God and Surrender CONTROL with Destiny Thomas // PART 2

In Episode 2, Megan goes through a live session of Prayerpy®. In this conversation, Megan Babcock discusses her struggles with surrender and letting go, as well as her identity crisis and issues with trust. Destiny Thomas provides guidance and insights from God, emphasizing the importance of trusting Him and surrendering control. They discuss the need to let go of the need for confirmation and to trust God's plan. Megan reflects on her childhood experiences and the impact they have had on her ability to surrender. The conversation highlights the importance of vulnerability and having someone to walk with on the journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.


She is known as The Prayerpist® because she assists high achieving women with confidently hearing the voice of God to heal internally and & avoid self sabotage during elevation using a proven 6 step journaling process known as Prayerpy®.


She is also a published author three times, motivational speaker, advocate for woman battling infertility, and host of @propheticreloadedconference.


Connect with Destiny www.instagram.com/theprayerpist