EP 59: Honesty with God is KEY to YOUR Healing with Destiny Thomas // PART 1

In this episode 1, Megan Babcock interviews Destiny Thomas about her healing journey and the technique she developed the Prayerpy®. Destiny shares her experience with infertility and how it led her to uncover deep-rooted issues of rejection, abandonment, and loss of identity. She explains that Prayerpy® is a method of journaling and conversation with God that helps identify and uproot the root causes of emotional wounds.


Megan and Destiny discuss the importance of honesty with God and the power of asking Him questions. They also emphasize the need for healing at the root level rather than just coping with trauma. The episode ends with a prayer and an introduction to the next episode, where Destiny will guide She is known as The Prayerpist® because she assists high achieving women with confidently hearing the voice of God to heal internally and & avoid self sabotage during elevation using a proven 6 step journaling process known as Prayerpy®. She does this by way of one to one Prayerpy®️ sessions or Prayerpy bootcamp, her group program Purpose Filled Prayer®️ and by hosting an annual International Retreat.


She is also a published author three times, motivational speaker, advocate for woman battling infertility, and host of @propheticreloadedconference.


Connect with Destiny www.instagram.com/theprayerpist