Episode 52 - How to Leave an Abusive Relationship with Coach Elissa and Guest Jenna

In this conversation, Elissa and Jenna discuss Jenna's experience in an emotionally abusive relationship. They cover topics such as leaving an abusive relationship, the use of EMDR therapy for healing, different types of abuse and their impact, the process of escaping and starting over, the effects of isolation and manipulation, moving for a relationship, financial and emotional abuse, and the presence of alcohol abuse and toxic behavior.

In this conversation, Jenna Spencer shares her experience of being in an abusive relationship. She discusses the red flags she noticed early on, the escalation of abuse over time, and the emotional manipulation she endured. Jenna also reveals the shocking animal abuse she witnessed and the fear she felt for her own safety. Eventually, she reached a breaking point and confided in a coworker who helped her make a plan to leave. Jenna emphasizes the importance of seeking support and choosing oneself. She also shares her journey of healing and offers advice for victims who may be looking to leave their abusive relationships.

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