Episode 39 - Struggles w/ Body Image & Faith - Part 2 | Jennifer Lane Stark - Registered Nurse in Women's Health

Welcome to "It's Your Story to Tell" podcast hosted by Hannah Chijoke Davis, part of the It's Your Story to Tell Coach Collective. Introducing guest Jennifer Lane Stark, a longtime friend, and a remarkable woman who has navigated challenges and chosen a new path in life.

Jennifer’s Background:

- Jennifer's diverse roles: mother, newly remarried wife, daughter, friend, and her professional background as a registered nurse in women's health and education.

- Her journey began with a traumatic childbirth experience in 2002, leading to complications and significant health challenges but ultimately being thankful for survival.

- Jennifer's early focus on being a wife and mother, seeking to emulate her loving and giving parents, and later encountering challenges in parenting and marriage.

Jennifer's Turning Point:

Struggles with Body Image and Faith: Jennifer grappled with body acceptance and alignment with her faith from her teenage years to adulthood.

Seeking Change: Initiating a weight loss journey at a pivotal moment in her life, seeking guidance from a friend, and beginning a transformative process.

Unveiling Self-Discovery: Losing physical weight led to emotional and mental unveiling, uncovering deeper layers within herself.

Pivoting Towards Transformation: Leaving a Long-term Marriage: Gradually deciding to leave a 20-year marriage emphasizes the importance of mindful and careful transitions.

Post-Divorce Transition: Finding initial freedom post-divorce but facing weight regain during COVID due to a lack of sustained habits.

Rediscovery and Coaching Journey:

Returning to a Supportive Program: Jennifer's decision to rejoin the weight loss program, experiencing progress, and celebrating personal milestones.

Passion for Coaching: Jennifer's passion is coaching others, especially women, and emphasizing the importance of self-care.

Learning and Growth: Lessons from Family Dynamics: Reflecting on her parents' habits and how they shaped her health perspective.

Ongoing Personal Development: Continuous growth for Jennifer comes from embracing discomfort and striving for holistic well-being in various aspects of life.

Resource Recommendations:

Declarations for Breakthrough by Jane Hammond: https://a.co/d/1eNWCFr

Dr. A's Habits of Health by Dr. Wayne Scott Anderson: https://a.co/d/0Q11Dgr

Made to Crave by Lisa Terkhurst: https://a.co/d/fpAPsJx

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