EP 34 - Overcoming a Decade-Long Toxic Relationship | Tiffany Homan: Board-Certified Nurse Coach

Welcome to the It's Your Story to Tell podcast, where brave individuals share their tales of overcoming adversity to inspire others. I'm your host, Megan Babcock, founder of the It's Your Story to Tell community.

Today, we're joined by Tiffany Homan, a board-certified nurse coach, who shares her profound journey of resilience and healing. In this episode, Megan introduces Tiffany, highlighting her unique coaching approach and vulnerability.

Tiffany's story unfolds in a three-part series:

Part 1: Tiffany shares her transformative journey, overcoming a decade-long toxic relationship.

Part 2: Exploring trauma and its impact on our nervous systems. 

Part 3: Tiffany conducts a somatic experience demonstration, shedding light on this powerful healing technique.

The episode dives into Tiffany's past, recounting her early experiences and the normalized toxicity she faced in relationships. She reflects on pivotal moments, including her breaking point and the realization that prompted her to leave a toxic marriage. Tiffany shares the emotional challenges, grieving her lost self, and the supportive community that guided her through nursing school.

Key Takeaways:

Megan emphasizes the complexities of emotional abuse, the challenges of leaving toxic situations, and the significance of self-awareness. They discuss the difficulty in breaking free from manipulation and the importance of acknowledging personal growth and grieving past experiences.

As the episode concludes, Megan prompts listeners to reflect on their fears and encourages them to explore their own situations. The next episode will delve deeper into understanding the nervous system's response to trauma, offering insights and tools for personal growth and healing.

Listeners are encouraged to follow Tiffany on social media platforms for further insights and join her Breaking Free community for ongoing support.

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