Episode 33 - Mishako's Path Through Trauma, Sobriety & Healing | Part 2

In this continuation of Mishako's journey on It's Your Story to Tell, host Megan Babcock explores deeper facets of Mishako's path through trauma, sobriety, and healing.

The focus centers on navigating the challenges that often trigger a return to old coping mechanisms during tough times.

1. Recent Experiences and Loss: Mishako delves into her experiences from 2021, specifically the recent loss of her father and the profound impact these events had on her journey. The conversation highlights the critical role of genuine support in times of difficulty and how this support can significantly impact someone's life.

2. Navigating Abusive Relationships: Mishako candidly recounts the tumultuous rollercoaster of emotions within an abusive relationship. She vividly describes the initial phase of feeling adored and valued, only for the situation to shift suddenly to fear, threat, and a feeling of entrapment. Her experience offers deep insights into the complexities and fears that often hold individuals in abusive cycles.

3. The Role of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Beyond: Mishako discusses her involvement with 1598 Shotwell Ln Round Rock Texas 78664, shedding light on the 12-step program and shares insights into healing beyond these steps. She emphasizes the significance of acknowledging personal struggles without letting them define one's identity.

4. Community Support and Personal Growth: Reflecting on her collegiate days, Mishako emphasizes the importance of collegiate recovery communities in her healing journey. She stresses the necessity of a supportive community while mentally preparing for personal growth and healing.

5. Coping Mechanisms and Seeking Help: Mishako opens up about her coping mechanisms, including finding solace in exercise as a stress reliever and eventually accepting medication for anxiety. She candidly shares her struggles with intimacy due to past wounds and the crucial role counseling played in her support system.

Key Takeaways:

- Mishako's insights into the 12-step program in AA and the understanding that healing extends beyond these steps.

- The significance of supportive communities, particularly for those navigating sobriety and personal growth.

- Coping mechanisms as essential tools during difficult situations.

- Mishako's journey toward accepting medication for anxiety and its positive impact on her life.

- Insights into trauma, recognizing relationship warning signs, and seeking support in abusive situations.

- The importance of acknowledging personal struggles without allowing them to define one's identity.

The episode concludes on a poignant note emphasizing the importance of acknowledging personal struggles, seeking support, and practicing self-care in times of trauma. Mishako and Megan highlight the strength found in vulnerability and the necessity of self-care in the journey towards healing and recovery.

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