Episode 32 - Struggling with Addiction leading to Sobriety | Part 1 with Mishako Moore

The It's Your Story to Tell podcast, hosted by Megan Babcock, delves into intimate life journeys. In this episode, Mishako Moore, a traveling occupational therapist, shares her story. It's a narrative divided into two parts: the struggles with addiction leading to sobriety and the subsequent journey of overcoming adversity.

The episode begins with Megan's warm introduction, emphasizing the importance of the forthcoming story's impact on addiction and sobriety. The host, Megan, reminisces about their shared connection through supporting an orphanage in Guatemala, highlighting Mishako's generosity and dedication. As the conversation unfolds, Mishako candidly shares her tumultuous past, rooted in childhood trauma following the tragic loss of her baby brother.

This pivotal event deeply affected her family dynamics, leading to her eventual struggles with alcohol as a means of escaping reality. Mishako vividly describes her journey into alcoholism, detailing how it gradually consumed her life, impacted her academics, and ultimately led to a severe car accident, resulting in legal charges. The turning point arrives when Mishako's father intervenes, urging her to seek help. Despite initial resistance, a poignant moment occurs when her father leaves the decision to attend an AA meeting in her hands.

This act of unconditional support marks a profound turning point in her battle with alcoholism, culminating in her surrender to seeking help. The podcast captures Mishako's raw emotions, recounting the turmoil, shame, and eventual acceptance that characterized her journey from addiction to recovery. Her story encapsulates the struggle, self-realization, and the transformative power of unconditional support and personal choice.

The episode highlights the importance of vulnerability and the impact of familial support in overcoming personal challenges. Throughout the conversation, both Megan and Mishako emphasize the significance of sharing personal struggles to foster connection, offer hope, and inspire others to embark on their paths to healing and recovery.

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