Episode 30 - Addiction, Trauma, Personal Struggles, and the Healing Process | Host Megan Babcock

Host Megan Babcock and her mentor Shelley Van Winkle engage in a powerful and intimate conversation on "It's Your Story to Tell." They discuss addiction, trauma, personal struggles, and the healing process. The episode includes trigger warnings for sensitive topics such as abortion and challenging family dynamics. Megan and Shelley encourage listeners to practice self-care while listening. Throughout the episode, Megan and Shelley emphasize the importance of vulnerability, letting go of judgment, and breaking the cycle of shame and secrecy. Shelley shares her pre-transformation experiences, including the emotional impact of her mother's infidelity and the trauma of undergoing an abortion before it was legalized. They also explore the ongoing struggle between faith and self-destructive behaviors. Ultimately, their conversation offers hope and inspiration for those grappling with their own pasts, showcasing the power of transformation and embracing one's story.


Connect with today’s host Megan Babcock, Founder and Lead Coach at It’s Your Story to Tell.

Her mission is to empower individuals in discovering their authentic selves and life purpose through exploration, providing tools and guidance to foster curiosity, connection, and kindness, enabling them to gain clarity and confidently shape their unique narratives and chart their personal journeys.

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