Episode 28 - Parenting Fail? My Son Hated Me - So I interviewed Him - Part 1

Welcome to this episode of It's Your Sorry to Tell podcast! In this Part 1 of this episode, host Megan Babcock welcomes her special guest, her son Brantley McDonald, to share insights about their life journey as a family and individuals. Together, they discuss the topic of hurt people hurting people and how negative experiences and behaviors can be passed down unintentionally. Brantley shares his personal development journey and how it took him some time to realize he had a problem and communicate with his mom in a healthy way. He also talks about the challenges of expressing negative emotions and the impact of perfectionism on decision-making. The conversation shifts to communication, and the guests talk about how finding the right words to express negative emotions can be challenging, especially in family relationships. Megan emphasizes the importance of understanding that personal development is a never-ending journey and that it's not just about checking boxes and accomplishing things, but about learning, growing, and becoming better. Throughout the episode, the guests shed light on the importance of breaking the cycle of negative experiences and behaviors to prevent it from happening to future generations. They share their personal experiences and challenges and offer valuable insights and advice for listeners. If you're on a personal development journey or interested in breaking the cycle of negative experiences and behaviors, this episode is for you! Tune in to learn more about how to heal and move forward on a new path.


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Her mission is to empower individuals in discovering their authentic selves and life purpose through exploration, providing tools and guidance to foster curiosity, connection, and kindness, enabling them to gain clarity and confidently shape their unique narratives and chart their personal journeys.

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