Episode 24: Abuse Where You Least Expect It?

In this podcast episode, the host, Megan Babcock, interviews Thea Ranney, who shares her personal experiences related to trauma and how she uses her skills and knowledge to help others navigate theirs. Thea runs an organizing business that specializes in assisting people dealing with trauma, including hoarding disorder, domestic violence situations, and more. She emphasizes the connection between the physical environment and mental clarity, explaining how her work involves helping individuals regain control of their physical spaces to support their emotional healing.

Thea also opens up about her own traumatic experiences, including family abuse and sexual abuse, and how these events affected her life. They discuss how avoiding trauma can result in developing various coping mechanisms, that result in self-sabotage. The interview highlights the importance of discussing trauma openly and offers insights into how trauma can manifest in unexpected ways.

The podcast encourages listeners to connect with Thea through her organizing services, especially for individuals who may need help managing their living spaces while dealing with trauma. The episode aims to raise awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding trauma.