Episode 23 - When You Overlook Postpartum

In this podcast episode hosted by Hannah, the focus is on the often-overlooked postpartum period in a woman's life. Hannah, a certified nurse midwife and mother, stresses the significance of supporting women during the postpartum phase, which can last up to a year after giving birth. This phase brings about substantial physical and emotional changes as women adapt to motherhood and recover from the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth. Maria, the founder and director of InKind Boxes, a nonprofit organization based in Portland, Oregon, is interviewed. Maria shares her personal motivation for creating InKind Boxes, driven by her desire to ensure that new moms and birthing parents receive the love and support they deserve during the postpartum period. She discusses her experiences giving birth in Canada and the United States, which highlighted the need for improved postpartum care, inspiring her to establish InKind Boxes. The conversation also delves into the contents of the gift boxes provided by InKind Boxes, which include around 15 carefully curated items for both the baby and the mom or birthing parent. Maria emphasizes the importance of partnering with female-founded and local companies to ensure the quality of the products in the boxes. Moreover, Maria talks about the partnerships InKind Boxes has formed with organizations that provide prenatal and postpartum support to struggling families, both locally and nationally. The episode underscores the organization's mission to support new mothers during the postpartum phase and encourages individuals to get involved by volunteering or participating in service projects such as writing note cards to offer words of encouragement and support to new mothers. This collaborative approach reflects the importance of community support during this transformative and often vulnerable period in a woman's life.

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