Episode 14: Unveiling Unity: "Loud Is Not a Language" Explore the Power of Communication

In the latest episode of the It's Your Story to Tell podcast, host Brenda Cox Harkins invites listeners to explore the transformative power of open and empathetic conversations in an increasingly disconnected world. Highlighting the pressing need for understanding amidst disagreements, Brenda shares a pivotal personal experience from 2016 – a heated dinner table debate that led to a significant realization: "loud is not a language." The episode introduces the CHAIR acronym – Courage, Humility, Authenticity, Integrity, and Respect – as essential qualities for effective communication. Brenda emphasizes the importance of mentally "pulling up a chair" before engaging in challenging conversations, ensuring one is equipped to embrace these qualities and approach dialogue constructively. Leading with curiosity and compassion is advocated as a means of fostering empathy and breaking down barriers. Brenda discusses the idea that by delving into the stories behind differing opinions, we can uncover shared human experiences that bridge divides and pave the way for understanding. The podcast introduces the "LOUD" strategy – Listen, Own, Understand, Develop – as a toolkit for navigating tough conversations. Each step is detailed: actively listening to others, owning personal biases and emotions, seeking to understand different viewpoints, and fostering growth and connection through dialogue. The episode concludes by encouraging listeners to contribute to positive change by embracing conversations with open hearts and curious minds. The concept of "Loud Is Not A Language®" is presented as a guiding philosophy, inspiring the audience to use conversations as vehicles for growth, healing, and unity in a world marked by disagreements. The podcast episode also features a workshop, "C5 Workshop | Loud Is Not A Language®," where participants can enhance their conflict resolution skills and communication capabilities. The workshop aims to help individuals build confident, compassionate, and constructive conflict capabilities, enabling healthier relationships and more impactful communication. To learn more about the transformative power of conversations, embrace the "Loud Is Not A Language®" philosophy, and develop essential communication skills, listen to the full episode and join the C5 Workshop on August 24th. https://loudisnotalanguage.com/c5-workshop/