Episode 11: Rising Strong: Empowering the Warrior Within Through Community and Education

Join Megan, the host of "It's Your Story to Tell," as she sits down with Elissa, a remarkable survivor of domestic abuse, in this profound and inspiring episode. Elissa fearlessly shares her transformative journey and the impact she is making in the lives of other women who have experienced similar trauma. Together, Megan and Elissa discuss the complexities of abusive relationships, the significance of education in recognizing and overcoming abuse, and the power of community in the healing process. With unwavering determination, they work towards destigmatizing trauma and providing essential resources for survivors. Through their conversation, they illuminate the path to reclaiming personal strength, taking responsibility, and fostering authentic lives. Tune in to this empowering episode as they unveil the possibilities that arise when we rise strong and embrace the warrior within.



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