EP 61: Facing & Processing Past Traumas is essential for Healing // Part 1 with Deborah Scott

Deborah Scott shares her journey of healing and self-discovery after a prophetic encounter at a women's conference. She discusses the importance of facing and processing past traumas, the role of faith in her healing journey, and the power of writing as a tool for healing. Deborah emphasizes the need for support and seeking help from others, and encourages listeners to lean into their relationship with God. She also shares information about her book and where listeners can find her on social media.


Get to Know Deborah Scott Author, worshiper, singer/songwriter and wellness warrior. I'm passionate about my faith in Jesus Christ. I became an Ordained Minister of the Gospel in 2007, during the time I launched Restoring You Ministries. The ministry focused on bringing hope, healing and restoration to dying and broken world. The ministry closed out a few years later when my focus shifted to being a full time educator as a homeschool mom. My husband and I have a construction business and having a ministry and being fully involve with homeschool was too much. Inside the homeschool world I served as the TGIF director for several years. When my children graduated out from homeschool, I decided to return as a substitute teacher at my local school. All the while, I was writing my novel called "Secret Chambers of the Heart." The book launched in 2022 and I'm currently in process of getting it in print. My passion for the Lord continues as I am actively involved with worship and prayer and the Worship and Prayer New York State Representative for David's Tent DC and the Co-Host for Friday night's Crazy Blessed Worship Live.


Connect with her: https://thedeborahscott.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thedeborahscott71 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO_qUJdp2pnEi-JjMNJDFOQ Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/stores/author/B07MF1F2G2?ingress=0&visitId=0612c913-7f34-4940-ab20-c9e728deb207