Episode 37 - The Impact of Stress on Physical Health | Expert in Functional Nutritional Therapy | Kristen Files

Delving into the intricate link between stress, adrenal function, and overall wellness, this episode explores the impact of stress on physical health, focusing on adrenal health. Host Hannah welcomes Kristen Files, a seasoned friend and expert in functional nutritional therapy and holistic nutrition. Kristen's insights from her practice at Forest Creek Wellness in Texas form the backbone of this discussion.

Key Discussion Points:
1. Adrenal Health Fundamentals: The adrenals, situated above the kidneys, govern stress responses, blood sugar, hormones, and blood pressure. Stress's physical toll encompasses fatigue, anxiety, cravings, immune issues, and cognitive fog.
2. Adrenal Function and Stress Dynamics: Chronic stress disrupts the HPA axis, triggering continuous adrenal output and compromising the body's stress response system.
3. Recognizing Adrenal Dysfunction: Symptoms like exhaustion, anxiety, cravings, blood pressure fluctuations, and unique indicators such as light sensitivity may signal adrenal issues.
4. Root Causes and Diagnostic Approaches: Pinpointing adrenal issues as primary or secondary involves comprehensive testing, including salivary cortisol, Dutch tests, hair analysis, and various self-assessments.
5. Nurturing Adrenal Health: Despite causation complexities, proactive adrenal support is vital amid life's stressors.

Lifestyle Solutions for Adrenal Health:
1. Stress Identification and Mitigation: Recognizing and eliminating stressors in diets and environments, transitioning to natural beauty products, leveraging resources like the EWG's Skin Deep app.
2. Dietary Adjustments: Emphasizing natural sugars, healthy fats, and caution with olive oil usage due to heating implications.
3. Stress Management Techniques: Addressing life stressors, advocating boundary-setting, and managing emotions for holistic well-being.
4. Prioritizing Restful Sleep: Recognizing sleep's detoxifying role and offering strategies for improved sleep quality.
5. Integrating Natural Practices: Advocating grounding, exposure to natural light, and supporting circadian rhythms.
6. Exercise and Supplements: Moderation in exercise, focusing on blood sugar balance for adrenal recovery.
7. Understanding Adrenal Dysfunction Categories: Insight into varied categories of adrenal dysfunction, emphasizing caution against self-medication without tailored guidance.
8. Mindset and Resilience:  Encouraging a positive mindset, dissociating health issues from identity, and harnessing support for overcoming challenges.

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