Episode 13: Unlocking Intuition: Your Guide to Avoiding Life's Pitfalls and Living a Purposeful Life

In this podcast episode, Sterling Harris shares his profound journey of discovering the power of hearing God's voice and reveals the transformative beauty of a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus. He emphasizes the importance of tuning into our intuition, that soft, unassuming voice that can guide us on our extraordinary journey with Jesus. Sterling challenges the misconception that only spiritual elites can access divine communication, highlighting that God's voice is available to all who earnestly seek it. He explores the diverse ways in which God communicates with us, such as inter-visuals, kinetic feelings of peace, and inner auditories. Sterling also emphasizes the significance of daily one-on-one interaction with Jesus, which forms the foundation of our spiritual fitness and leads to a robust, healthy, and deeply fulfilling life. Trusting our intuition aligns perfectly with the teachings of Jesus, and by tapping into this intuitive aspect of our being, we can enrich our understanding of God's word and recognize and respond to His guidance amidst the noise of the modern age. Sterling's teachings empower us to stand against negative, fear-based thinking and reclaim our mental landscape by aligning our thoughts with the truths from God's Word. He also addresses the challenges of embracing our intuitive connection and highlights the importance of healing past wounds and filters to have a clearer, more vibrant relationship with our intuition and our Savior. Ultimately, Sterling emphasizes that a relationship with Jesus is not just a religious duty but a personal, daily communion, and trusting our intuition becomes integral to this journey. By learning to hear God's voice through training and repetition, we can live freely, unshackled from negative thoughts and fears, and experience transformation that equips us to navigate life's challenges with authenticity and compassion. This message of hope transcends boundaries and calls us to embrace the love of Jesus, impacting the world around us with empathy and positive change. So join us in this episode as we explore the power of intuition and its role in deepening our relationship with Jesus.